" Ehle wila ne aise Manaya Jashn-E-Masoomin

Duniya ki nazron me samaya Jashn-E-Masoomin

Ithni kashish iske andar hai dekho Mir Nazeer

Sharjah tum ko bhi le aaya Jashn-E-Masoomin "

For The Organizers Of The Event,  for giving me the opportunity to interact with a wonderful audience . 

My Name,   is a part of my takhallus. Syed Nazeer Abbas Baqri. Initially I started with the name of Mir Nazeer. I wrote a few poems with this name. Due to a few incidents I started using Nazeer Abbas Baqri and then Nazeer Baqri.

Tera chullu tha ke tha koi tamacha Abbas

Aaj tak nehr ka rukhsaar hai neela Abbas 

My Roots,  are in Zilla Muradabad which is often known as "Peetal Nagri" U.P. It is a famous place in U.P-in the district of Sambhal. It use to be the capitol of Prithvi Raj Chawhan. Peetal Nagri is a historical town and use to be the market for Khandsali and horns of animals (combs, decoration items, handles, table lamps etc. ). 12 kilometers away from Sambhal is Naimatpur Ikrotia Saadat which is my birth place. 

My Grandfather,     was Syed Mehdi Hasan, he was a land lord and also a jurist. The time of landlords ended and with it the importance of Zamindaars

I was born,   on 27th October (reluctant to give the year.) 27th October 1948. I am always eager to be amongst those whom people remember in their prayers. I like to be a small person (not for vanity's sake) but to give respect to my elders. I don't want to be a big man.

My Educational Background,    My PHD work is under process. I have done Masters in 'Imraniyaat'. Lucknow has been the center of my education. 

Shairi,  ustad goes back to the two famous  'Mirs'  of poetry - Mir Taqi Mir and Mir Anees. My tutor Anwar Lucknowi's was Mir Anees and his grandfather's tutor was Mir Taqi Mir . So my poetic roots go back to the two famous 'Mirs'.  I believe that the talent to write poetry is inherent  and given to those as an outlet of emotions - who are extraordinarily sensitive.

There is no cure for such people (sensitive)and even they cannot help themselves because such people are born like that and have no control over their emotions. Hence the God Almighty has provided a cure to their extreme disturbance in the form of painting, poetry, sculpture, singing, reciting or any other art form 

An excellent example here would be of Bismillah Khan who was a true momin, pious and a lover of Imam Hussein (AS). Bismillah Khan always expressed himself through his 'Shehnai. All of his music is 'Noha' in reality.

Khuch is terha Rasool ke hathon pe hain Ali 

Jaise simat ke aagaya Kaaba Ghadeer me.

I used to be a radio announcer at one time. At that time there was a program on Radio called "Yaad-E-Hussein". Abbas Razvi Sahib used to recite the majlis of Arbaeen in Bombay at that time, The Signal voice of that majlis used to begin with the Shahnai of Bismillah Khan. His Shahnai was only nauha.

I used to start the programme with Shahnai on a particular tune - then proceed to majlis & end with with a nauha recited by Bismillah Khan on the same tune as the Shahnai at the beginning of the programme.

Bismillah Khan said that whenever he was lonely or disturbed about something, he used to play the Shahnai in the remembrance of Imam Hussein (AS). hence, God has given art as a sensation to the sensitive people.

I found out my talent and about myself being a poet in 1963/64 when I was in the 9th grade. My uncle, Abbas Hussain Sahab who was a khateeb and has written a book on Shaheed-e-Insaniyat (and is the only person to do so). He was reciting a line for shairi for Tarahi-mushaira in Delhi.
It went on like this:
Jab kabhi taza mazaroun par chiraghan karna
A gentleman recited a makta
Ek tuti hui turbat pe bhi Ehsan karna

After this all the people tore their pages & the mushaira was over. When my uncle recited this makta at home so I said without any hesitation the following two shairs:
Jab kabhi taza mazaroun par chiraghan karna
Ek tuti hui turbat pe bhi Ehsan karna
Ghamon se kehdo ab kabhi
aan ke mujhko na pareshan karna.

Anjumans finally got permission from my father but till I finished my formal education, I did not go on stage.
The first All India mushaira took place in 1968. Then in 1970 there was a religious mushaira and I had  recited shaers on Hazrat Ali Asghar AS... which gave me fame. All the famous shairs were present but at that time, being a new shair .. I got a lot of attention.
This was the maqta I had recited:

Pyas ko darya tak le jana aasan hai laikin

Pyas ko darya se le'aana kitna mushkil hai.

Mazloomiyat ne waqt ke maathe pe likh diya
      Karbobala sitam ka mukammal jawaab hai,
     Abbas  hain furat ki mojain hain, aab hai
     Yaa tashnalab nazar mein khayaal-e-Saraab hai
    Asghar nei muskura ke ussey chaak kardiya
    Ab hashr tak Yazid ka moon be-naqab hai

"Itna paani tho samandar ki teh tak bhi nahi
                                 Jitni Abbas tere pyaas me gehraai hai"

Hmm my favourite shair?  see, All my shair are like my children, So I cant really say but there are many that have recieved due praise like for eg: Moulana Athar recited a whole majlis on this one:

Apne pairoun pei dono jahaan rakhte hain
Ek qadam  yahan ek wahaan rakhte hain
Bader se leker jihad-e-Karbala tak dekh lo

Khoon jitna bhi baha haq par Abu Talib ka hai. 

Mol sajde ke liye letey hain maqtal ki zamin
Hum Jabeen ghair ki mitti pe kahan rakhte hain
(this maqta has a whole philosophy of masael in it)
Mujhko nabeena bana deti hai yeh dunya ki chamak 
Sirf ashkoun ki badaulat meri beenaei hai

Another famous taraa gifted to me by mawla is:
Sulbe Haidar mein tha, us waqt tho saabith yeh hua
Rooh Abbas ki bhi chadar-e-Tatheer me hai.

Bibi Zainab:   I have done numerous qatat along with whole marsiyas on her.

Karbala ka kamaal hai Zainab, zalimoan ka zawaal hai Zainab

Lafz jiske liye bane hi nahi, aisa naazuq khayaal hai Zainab.


  Pas tere Asadullah ka hai dil Zainab
   Tuj me Abbas bhi shabbir bhi shamil Zainab
   Kis me himmat thi jo detha tere khutboan ka jawab
   Sub tho jahil the wahan koun tha qabil Zainab

  Teri awaaz ki aahat hai jahan tak Zainab
   Ek sannata sa chaya hai wahan tak Zainab
   Talib-e-baiyath-e fasiq ke fakhat lab na siye
   Kaat li hai tere khuthboan ne zabaan tak Zainab


Recited on a tarah given in America

Gham ka suraj arash-e-mimbar se nikalta hi rahe
moom (wax) ban kar zulm ka pathar pigaltha hi rahe

Jinko Akber ke tardpne ka nahin kuch bhi khayal
Mayyatain unki na uthain dam nikaltha hi rahe

Apne dono haath youn katwa diya Abbas ne
Daste bayyat zindagi bhar haath malta hi rahe

Pyas ne yeh kehke sholay rakh diye paani ke beech
 Jal gaye khaime tho darya bhi jalta rahe.

    Family:   I have two sons 'Misaal Abbas and Sifaal (meaning baked mud) Abbas. I have no hobbies or any activity. I have travelled all over the world but this is my first time in U.A.E. I don't have any inclination towards anything neither clothes nor food or anything. Shairi is my profession, my life, my identity....

The last sermon of the Noble Messenger (s.a.w)
Khutba-e-Ghadeer (Part-1)... 
    I started writing the Khutba in poetic form in 1990 but couldn't complete it. The Khutba is in Akhtar Lucknowi's voice who also released my nohas etc. on CDs. He comes under my guidance before he can do so. This CD was released last year.

The last sermon of the Noble Messenger (s.a.w)
Khutba-e-Ghadeer (Part-1)
Urdu Poetry By: Meer Nazeer Baqari
Recited By: Akhtar Husain Lucknawi
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Maqam-E-Mir Taqi Mir  He has used the word 'maqam' a lot. I am doing a thesis on his work.

Shair mere hai sab khawaas pasand
Par mujhe guftugoo awaam se hai

Khush sai anjaam me hi hai jinko
Ikhtida awwali Imam se hai

Sahe hai Mir ko samjhana kya
Har sukhoon usko ek maqaam se hai

So this is my thesis --- What is Mir's center of thought ? The answer for this is "Karb" and "Bala" all his work is on Karbala. His shairi is a mixture of of 'dil' and 'dilli' his ghazals include this thought too.

Husn is Allah ( SAW)   What He has created is Haseen.

Husn ka raaz khula awwale maqlooq ke saath
Jo khazaana tha niha khul gaya sandooq ke saath.

Rizq bhi kar diya Razzaq ne marzooq ke saath
Maarifat ho gayi Ashiq ki bhi Mashooq ke saath.

Husn ki awwalo aakhir yeh rakhi hadd Usne
Apne paykaar ka rakha naam Mohd Usne.


I have to study continuously to recite with confidence in front of ulamas or Zakirs. I have traveled a lot this year. Haven't been home for more than a few days in a row.

For 26 years I have been doing nizamat for the Jashn-E-Zainab in Lucknow.

I am thankful to you for thinking of me as worthy of participating with and grateful for the opportunity of reciting i Jashan-E-Masoomin (A.S)