A Short Account Of Jashn-E-Masoomin (A.S)

By Sakina Umme Abiha

"I can't make it on time, there's too much traffic" said my brother on the phone. He was supposed to pick us up and take us to Imambargah Ali Raza (a.s) Sharjah where all the festivity was. As every year in Shaban we celebrate the Jashn-E-Masoomin (A.S)).We were already 15 minutes late and since Mazher Bhai was responsible for recording the video, he couldn't afford to be so late!  We were left with no choice but to walk. The men rushed off and the ladies tried their best to keep up with them, finding it hard to walk fast because of their high heels and heavy clothes.

When we finally got there, Hadis-E-Kisa (recited by Nazeer uncle) was already over! Mazher bhai quickly set up the camera without wasting time. The first person to recite qasida (of Hazrat Abbas (A.S)) was Akber Bhai "Azamaya Hua Naam Kaam Aagaya",  by that time the hall was over flowing and their was an uproar of "wah wahs" sometimes with long and well thought up naares. The jashan continued, Aqil bhai "Hum HussainWale Hain" and then my Dad  started reciting, "Tera Naam Hi Aisa Hai" witten by Aqil Bhai. It was time for the shaa'irs to come on stage to recite their verses of poetry. Nazeer Uncle, who was doing the comparing called all the shaa'irs on stage and introduced them to the audience. The two main -------- were 'Khaseem Ibne Naseem Sahab' who captured the audience's interest with his wise words of shaa'irie. After him, it was 'Shehzada Gulrez Sahab's turn to come on stage,  His performance added to the excitement of the crowd and once again, a simultaneous explosion of nara's and 'wah wahs' was heard echoing through the walls of the Imambargah. As a phrase goes, "All good things come to an end", it was time for the jashn to end as well... To make an addition to the phrase, I would like to say "But the memories remain..."