On Friday 6th Feb Majlis at 4.30 pm and orientation after Namaz-e-magrabain
At the residence Of Dr.Ehsan Sharjah

9TH Feb 09 Monday 


Leave Dubai for Najaf e  Ashraf          

10th Feb 09 Tuesday


Combined Ziarat Of Imam Ali(A.S)           Masjid e Sehla

11th Feb 09 Wednesday


Masjid e Kufa, leave for
Karbala Muqaddasa

12th Feb 09 Thursday 


Combined Ziarat of Haramain at 8.30 am.

13th Feb 09 Friday  


Inshallah Ziarat Kazimain

14th Feb 09 Saturday  


Atraf Ziarat, Majlis Haram Imam Hussain AS

15th Feb 09 Sunday


Majlis at Hotel,  Aamal Shab e Arbaeen

16th Feb 09 Monday  


Arbaeen Majlis and Ziarat.

 17th Feb 09 Tuesday


Ziarat Imam Hussain As and Hazrat Abbas AS

18th Feb 09 Wednesday 


Leave for Najaf and then for Dubai   

Programme subject to change depending on the situation in Iraq

and on the sighting of moon. For more Info contact-0097150-6960060